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Open Space Conservation Plan for the Town of Groton - Request for Feedback

The Town of Groton Conservation Commission is
pleased to provide the following document for your
review and comment.

It was our objective that the Open Space
Conservation Plan provide a singular resource for
conservation issues, plan objectives, and actions
for the Town of Groton.

The primary purpose of the Open Space Conservation
Plan stems from a critical need to identify natural,
cultural and available open space resources that
should be conserved as protected open space.

To implement this purpose, the Commission deemed it
essential to establish criteria to quantify the
value of each potential open space parcel.
Standards, guidelines and an evaluation methodology
were created to meet the Plan’s intelligent and
sustainable conservation objectives.

We request your feedback by July 1, 2020 with any
recommendations and improvements to this document.
Please direct your responses to:

The responses will be addressed at the July 6
Conservation Commission regular meeting. Interested
parties who have submitted comments can also attend
this meeting.

Note, the draft has not finalized the inventory
section which will be provided in our final release.
Download this file: OPEN SPACE Plan for Groton Connecticut DRAFT 6-4-2020.pdf