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You may be entitled to motor vehicle exemptions if you are stationed in Groton on military orders AND maintain your legal ties to a state other than Connecticut. If you are unsure of the state you maintain legal ties to (your home of record), check your LES for which state you are paying taxes to.  Click on links below:

Non-Resident Affidavit for Personal Property Tax Exemptions (Also known as Soldiers' & Sailors' Affidavit)
Instructions if you are still stationed in Connecticut
Instructions if you have transferred out of Connecticut or have been discharged

Military Spouse

If you are the spouse of a service member and do not consider Connecticut your home of record (you do not maintain legal ties with Connecticut) and have received a tax bill in your name only, click on Military Spouses Residency Relief Act Affidavit to complete the annual Affidavit based on your spouse's tour of duty in Groton. The date of assessment is the year that you came to Groton. The affidavit needs to be signed by a Notary Public. When you register out of state, see instructions below on Cancelling your Connecticut License Plates to avoid future tax bills.

Return the original affidavit to:

Town Hall
45 Fort Hill Rd.
Groton, CT 06340

Connecticut Resident

If you are a Connecticut Resident, maintaining your legal ties to Connecticut as your home of record, complete the Resident Member of Armed Forces affidavit for your most expensive motor vehicle. Instructions here.

For your second motor vehicle, complete the $1,500 exemption Connecticut Resident's Affidavit

Cancelling your Connecticut License Plates

In order to avoid future taxes, once you register out of state, please cancel your license plates. Instructions here.

Any questions, contact Assessment at 860-441-6660.