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Boating Advisory Board

Agendas Minutes Meetings are normally held on selected Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. at Spicer House.  The group nomally meets 5 or 6 times per year.

Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the Board to provide input from residents who have boating experience in order to enhance boating activities and facilities provided by Groton Parks and Recreation.

Over the years, the BAB has worked with town staff to develop an interactive map of properties that provide citizens with access to the water, the annual Small Boat Day at Esker Point Beach, the construction of a rowing shell house at Spicer Park, obtaining a sailing dock donation from the US Coast Guard Academy and, most recently, the replacement of the Spicer Park Dock.  Future goals include developing a blue trails map and further development of existing facilities and programs at Spicer Park and Esker Point Beach.


The Boating Advisory Board is currently looking for new members, particularly those with expertise and interest in kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, remote controlled boating and other boating activities.  Submit an application.

Board Member Office Term Expires
Beth Robinson Chair 12/31/18
Tom Tobin Vice-Chair 12/31/20
Kit Talbot Secretary 12/31/19
Ed Monahan   12/31/19
Rick Waters   12/31/20
John Watson   12/31/19
  GP&R Commission Liaison  
  Town Council Liaison  
Jerry Lokken GP&R