GP&R Program Proposal

First Name
Last Name
Business Name
Street Address
Address Line 2
Zip Code
Primary Phone

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Alternate Phone

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Proposed Program Title
Used for print and on-line listings. It is best to choose a name that immediately gives prospective participants a good idea of what the program involves.
Program Description

(This text is used to create write-up for our catalog and on-line listings. Be short and concise and use active verbs).
Be specific and complete. Is this a one-time program? Will participants participate season after season? Is this program a building block for participation in other future programs? Is this program offered elsewhere in the community? If so, where and what are the details. Why should we offer this program to the public. Is there a community benefit?
Participant ourtcomes - complete the statement, "Participants will..."

(We'll survey participants at the end of the program to see if they experienced the desired outcomes.)
A list of what program participants will get from a program. These should be measurable in an objective way.
- Good : participants will be able to float independently and swim 20 yards using a font crawl (clearly and specifically states what participants will be able to do and is measurable)
- Bad : participants will improve swimming ability (not specific or measurable)
Program Outline
Provide an outline or lesson plan that describes specific details for the program including planned activities and skills targeted
How can this program be adapted for people with disabilities?
Describe what steps you could take to accommodate people with disabilities (physical, mental, sensory, behavioral, etc.).
Day(s) of the week                  Times (start - end)
Number of weeks
Min/Max class size
Minimum and maximum class sizes should be based on providing the best user experience possible, what you feel comfortable teaching, and what is appropriate for the size classroom.
 Fall (by May) 
 Winter (by September) 
 Spring (by December) 
 Summer (by March) 
Check all that apply. Typically, new programs are offered for the first time during the Spring season. The months listed after each season reflect deadlines for having proposals accepted.
Supplies and Equipment (that you provide)
List any supplies or equipment that you will provide and whether any fees are charged to participants. Any supplies needed for a class must be preā€approved by the Program Supervisor. This should be considered when determining class fees. If a supply fee is required for each student, it must be approved and published in the program guide.
Supplies and Equipment (that partcipants must provide)
List any supplies or equipment that participants must provide. Do not include fees that participants must pay from the previous form field.
Supplies and Equipment (that you need GP&R to provide)
List any supplies or equipment that you need GP&R to provide. Any items listed here will impact the rate GP&R agrees to pay an instructor.
Staff or volunteers required
List any staff or volunteers that will work for you in providing this program. Be sure to include any substitute instructors. Everyone working in a program must pass a background check conducted by the Town of Groton. The Town of Groton will pay for the checks for the principal instructor, if it is an individual, but contract instructors must pay for any additional background checks required for volunteers, employees or substitutes that may be used. Anyone working in a program must have successfully completed the process prior to working.
Requested rate of pay
- OR -
Requested percentage of revenue

Normally, instructors are paid a percentage of revenue, but GP&R may also agree to pay per participant, per session, a flat fee or some other arrangement. Usually, GP&R retains a portion of revenue collected for each class and pays the remaining amount to the contract instructor. The final payment terms as negotiated with GP&R are listed on the contract or offer letter. Rates of pay are negotiated based on a number of factors including facility space required, new vs. continuing program, number of participants expected, number of programs provided, and other details.

Suggested participant fee
Program revenue depends on the total fees collected. The Recreation Supervisor can provide assistance on current market conditions. GP&R reserves the right to refrain from offering programs it deems are incorrectly priced for the community.
Provide details about other similar programs that exist in the area.

Safety and Emergency
List any safety, health and risk factors for this program and describe what steps you will take to mitigate any potential hazards for participants. In an effort to provide the best possible experience for participants, an awareness of potential hazards and risks should be communicated. The instructor is responsible for informing GPR and participants of these potentials.
What actions will you take in the event of inclemement weather?

What actions will you take in the event you are unable to attend on a particular day?
Describe what steps you will take to contact participants, schedule substitutes, schedule a make-up date, etc.
Instructor Qualifications
List any certifications, training, experience, skills, etc. related to your proposed class.
Instructor References and Prior Employment
When and where have you instructed this, or similar programs, before? Include contact information and dates. Include at least three references.
Employee or Independent Contractor?
Check all that apply
 I have formed a business for this type of work (listed above). 
 I provide similar programs at other agencies. 
 I can provide a certificate of insurance. 
GP&R hires both employees and independent contractors to lead programs. Based on the number of boxes checked, the Town of Groton will make a final determination.


By clicking "submit" below, you agree that the information contained in this proposal is accurate and correct to the best of your knowlege and you consent to GP&R contacting the references listed.