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Community Center Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the building is being used?  What is happening in the rest of the building?

Recreation programs will be held in the B and C wings of the building that includes the gymnasium, the former cafeteria/multi-purpose room and several classrooms indicated in green below.  The 2-story A wing in the top left will remain closed due to the amount of work required to make it usable.  The D wing on the lower right will be used primarily for storage.

Community Center Floor Plan

When will the center open?

We hope the center will be open for summer programs that will begin in late June.

What work is being done?

The work includes constructing a new main entrance facing Town Hall, making the restrooms ADA compliant, and lots of work doing minor repairs, cleaning and painting in each of the rooms to make them usable for different programs.  Work that has been accomplished already includes fire alarms and sprinklers and repairs to the roof.

Will my kids be able to go there and "hang out?"

Our long-term goal is to have a place where the community can come together throughout the day, but initially, it will be operated like William Seely School has been operating for years.  The center will be open when programs are happening, and use will be limited to only people who are registered for those programs. 

When will a name be chosen?

The center will be named by the Groton Town Council, if they choose to do it.  We are in the process of gathering community feedback on what they would like the name of the center to be.  Once that has been done, we'll share the feedback with the Town Council to help them make a decision.

Who will be able to use the center?

Anyone who is registered for a program will be able to use the center.  We allow residents and non-residents to sign up.

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