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Groton Senior Center Fitness Room

Welcome to the Groton Senior Center’s Fitness Room!  The Equipment consists of Schwinn stationary bicycles and airdynes, cardio glides, a recumbent bicycle, treadmills for walking and a resistance training circuit. 

This is a NON-MONITORED exercise area and prior permission must be obtained for equipment use.  The Senior Center reserves the right to refuse a person from using the fitness center for safety and/or health reasons.  An individual must be able to safely operate fitness equipment independently without the assistance of an aid as determined by the Groton Senior Center Personal Trainer.

What you will need:

  1. Physician’s Clearance - Your physician must sign the clearance form.  If you have any known medical conditions, and are being treated for that condition by a specialist other than your primary physician; your specialist will also need to give medical clearance.  You would also need a separate physician’s clearance if you have had a joint replacement within the past year. Download Physician's Clearance Form

If you start our fitness program and become hospitalized, or any changes occur in your health, we do request an updated Physician’s Clearance.

  1. Return the completed Physician’s Clearance to the Senior Center.  This can be done via fax, mail or hand delivery.
  2. Center staff will call you at your home to schedule your fitness training appointments.
  3. You will meet with the personal trainer which is mandatory when you start or a waiver from the personal trainer that you are prepare in less than three.  The personal trainer will instruct you to use the equipment properly, and how to monitor yourself safely.  This includes warning signs for any negative symptoms.  Because this is a non-monitored fitness area, you must go through these fitness appointments with the trainer prior to using the equipment on your own.
  4. Prior to the appointment, please complete the Medical History Questionnaire that will be used to customize a program for you according to your needs.
  5. You will be instructed how to monitor yourself, using the Talk Test, Rate of Perceived Exertion, and Heart Rate Check.
  6. You will be shown how to use the Cardio equipment; treadmills, stationary bikes and cardio glide.
  7. You will then train on the resistance training circuit.


First Appointment – Please bring $82-resident, $94-nonresident which includes your Annual Fee and one hour of personal training time and your FOB deposit of $10.   If you need additional time Personal Training Time, it will be $25 per half hour.

Annual Renewal Fee is due the month you registered in.  The renewal fee is $72.00 Resident;   Nonresident fee - $84.00; Training Review Fee - $25.00 per half hour.

Remember fees are subject to change at any time.

OPEN TO GROTON RESIDENTS and a LIMITED NUMBER OF NONRESIDENTS ONLY. Please call with any questions - 860-441-6785.

Groton Senior Center | 102 Newtown Rd, Groton CT 06340 | 860.441.6785