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Detective Division

FingerprintThe Groton Town Police Department's Detective Division is responsible for conducting criminal investigations in the Town of Groton. The primary emphasis is on serious crimes, such as homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, serious physical assaults, arsons, commercial and residential burglaries, as well as narcotic related cases. The Detective Division also conducts investigations of complicated thefts, such as embezzlements, confidence frauds, identity theft, and large forgery operations. The Division also conducts investigations of crime sprees, and of criminal acts that lead outside the Department's primary area of responsibility.

The Detective Division is also responsible for the processing of evidence and crime scenes. Evidence can be either processed in the field, or brought back to the Groton Town Police Department Headquarters, and processed in the Detective Division's processing lab. The Detective Division is also responsible for the control and custody of all evidence seized by the Department.

The Detective Division conducts technical and special surveillance operations, utilizing technical video and audio surveillance, thus allowing the detectives to gather valuable evidence during investigations. The Detectives also utilize special marking devices, such as Ultra Violet residue powders. The special marking devices can not be seen by the naked eye, and help identify and track suspects during certain investigations.

The Detective Division also assists the Secret Service, the United States Capitol Police, and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in providing protective service security to visiting Dignitaries. They conduct threat assessments to the resources in the Town of Groton, CT. The Detective Division is the Liaison to the Department of Homeland Security, and The Joint Terrorist Task Force.

The Detective Division is comprised of a Detective Lieutenant, who commands the division, and five sworn officers who hold the rank of Detective. These Detectives have received advanced training in criminal investigation procedures, as well as special training, such as, Search and Seizure, Crime Scene Processing, Criminal Photography, Evidence processing, Arson Investigation, Fraud Investigation, Homicide Investigation, Shooting reconstruction, Cold Case Investigations, Shoewear and tire impression recognition, Blood spatter recognition, and various Advanced Narcotic Related Investigative Schools. Although Detectives work a set schedule, they are all subject to call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The Detective Division also provides briefings to business groups and various organizations, on the topics of Robbery Prevention, Fraud Prevention, Counterfeit and Forgery Detection, as well as Narcotic and Gang Awareness.