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Frequently Asked Questions
Detectives Division

[Q] How are "bad checks" investigated and processed?
[A] Issuing a 'bad check' is illegal in the State of Connecticut. However there are certain requirements that must be met in order for this to be investigated. There are also specific steps that must be followed, including steps that the victim must take, in order to proceed with an investigation.

In order the for the Groton Town Police Department to investigate a bad check complaint, the following requirements must be met.
  1. The check is dated for the date it was issued. The court will not accept cases where the check was postdated.
  2. The complainant did not agree to hold the check before presenting it for cash value.
  3. The suspect was identified by use of identification card or personal recognition.
  4. The check was not a third party check.
  5. The check was presented for payment within thirty (30) days of its issuance.
  6. No form of restitution has been initiated.
  7. No civil process of restitution has been initiated.
  8. That this process is started within 90 days of the check being issued.
The victim of the bad check should make sure that the follow steps are taken before filing a complaint with the Groton Town Police Department.
  1. The victim has the original check.
  2. The victim must send a formal letter to the address of the suspect. The letter must be sent as certified mail with a return receipt requested. The letter must indicate the following.
    1. The suspect wrote the check to the victim on a specific date.
    2. The check was presented for payment and rejected.
    3. The victim demands payment of the amount of the check within eight (8) days of the receipt of the letter.
    4. Criminal charges will be filed in this if not complied with.
After the eight day period has past, the victim should then complete the bad check report forms. The Groton Town Police Department will accept only the three page form supplied by this department.

The three forms are:
    Arrest Warrant Application
    GA-10 Non-sufficient Funds- Accounts closed Checks.
    GA-10 Cashier/check receiver form.

These forms will be the basis of the prosecution, so they must be completed accurately and completely. The forms should be completed by the victim, with the exception of the GA-10 Cashier/Check Receiver Form. This form must be completed by the person who received the check.
Remember, these forms are going to be used for prosecution. So, if any portion of the forms are not completed or are inaccurate, the forms will not be accepted. Also, cross outs, and the use of whiteout is unacceptable.

Complete the Arrest Warrant Application and the GA-10 Non-sufficient Funds- Accounts closed Checks, forms, but don't sign them. These forms are to be signed in front of the assigned officer.

When the you have completed the forms and have all the documents, then come to the Groton Town Police Department Headquarters, and make the complaint.

The officer will initiate the investigation.

In Partnership with the community, to assist with emergency preparedness,
please visit the Office of Emergency Management for helpful tips.

You may also visit the Connecticut Department of Public Safety web site, which provides access to the DPS Sex Offender Registry, the Firearms Licensing Unit, and more.