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Marine Patrol Division

The mission of the Marine Patrol unit is to promote safety for recreational, commercial, and military vessels, as well as swimmers and others using navigable waters within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Town of Groton.

The Marine Patrol conducts safety inspections of recreational and commercial vessels for proper safety equipment, compliance with boating regulations and licensing.  The purpose is to educate boaters and promote safety on the water.  The Marine Patrol is also observant for boating violations which would create a hazard or danger to others using the water.  This includes operation in restricted areas such as swimming areas, boating under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and speeding through mooring fields and no wake zones.  In addition, the Marine Patrol responds to on the water emergencies such as medical problems, injuries, boating accidents and fires.  The Marine Patrol provides safety to organized events such as the annual Sailfest fireworks display in the Thames River, the Mystic River antique boat parade, and rowing races.

The Marine Patrol has provided service over the years in a variety of situations including airplane crashes, the recovery of drowning victims, boating accidents, evidence recovery, and the search for lost swimmers, scuba divers and boaters.  The Marine Patrol also escorts submarines and large commercial vessels through the waterways of Groton.  The Marine Patrol works in coordination with the U.S. Coast Guard, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection’s EnCon Police and other area police Marine Patrol units.  The Marine Patrol currently operates a 25-foot Hydrasport equipped with twin 200-HP outboard motors, GPS and radar.Marine Patrol Boat