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Special Services Division

The Special Services Division is comprised of four full-time Investigators who are commanded by the Training Sergeant. The Special Services Division’s various responsibilities include; investigating crimes against children and other special victims, developing and maintaining positive and productive relationships with the youth of Groton. The Special Services Division enjoys a long lasting and special relationship with the Groton School System, to include Faculty, Parents and Students. The Special Services Division also has close working relationships with other agencies, including the Department of Children and Families (D.C.F.) and other social service organizations.

Since 1988, administrators and D.A.R.E. officers from the Groton Town Police Department have been committed to educating, mentoring and facilitating D.A.R.E. to thousands of students in the Groton School System. A true community based program, D.A.R.E. succeeds because of the unique partnership that exists between our parents, teachers and police officers. Currently Investigators deliver the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) curriculum to 5th graders in the elementary schools and 7th graders in the middle schools. We encourage parents and children alike to visit DARE.COM to learn more about the program and how you can get involved.

Groton's strong relationship between its schools and police has established the School Resource Officer Position. Beginning in 1992, Groton was one of the first communities in Connecticut to have a Police Officer available as an additional resource for students. “Resource Officers” have included Patrol Officers and Investigators. Youth Division

The department’s commitment to the youth in Groton is evident by the many and varied programs with which the Special Services Division is involved. You will find Investigators at public events including parades, school fairs, special carnivals, and at other gatherings involving children. "Daren the Lion" and "PC" the car often accompany Investigators to help interact with children.

Investigators also serve on committees and boards such as the Youth Advisory Committee and Juvenile Review Board.  Investigators also are involved with programs, such as “Yellow Dot” involving our Senior citizens in town.

Internet/Computer Safety

Technology allows wealth of information to be brought directly to your computer. Unfortunately, this same technology has also made it possible for people to exploit and negatively influence children. The Special Services Division is well aware of child exploitation and the use of technology to further these activities. Investigators have received specialized training in computer crimes against children and have successfully investigated such cases.

We realize that parents and caregivers may have many questions involving this subject with regards to their own children and situations. We welcome your calls and questions and will strive to answer or find the answers to those questions. What follows is a list of helpful resources that may answer questions you have regarding computer safety. These links provide a vast amount of information that will help you provide a safer "online" environment for your child..

School Crossing Guard Positions Available
Applications available at Groton Town Hall (45 Fort Hill Road)
Or Call Sgt. Kelly Crandall
At 860-449-7180
Pay is $10.00/hour