Reuses for Old Christmas Trees

What do I do with my real Christmas tree? It’s a question that comes to a lot of people right after the holiday is over. You have a few options.

If left whole, it makes an excellent shelter for the birds in your backyard. You can even decorate it with strung popcorn and cranberries, or add some apple and/or orange pieces and seed to provide food for the bird as well as shelter.

You can use to protect delicate plants in your garden. Or, you can cut off the branches and drill some holes in the trunk to attract bees to the sap. Just remember to keep it away from well travel areas o your suet bird feeder.

Too much work? The Flanders Road Transfer Station will accept your Christmas tree free of charge. Residents must remove all lights, tinsel, ornaments and tree stands. If you put your tree in a plastic bag to get it out of the house, remember that the bag needs to be removed before it can be added to the brush pile.

The trees will be ground up and turned into mulch. Grinding is schedule for shortly after the New Year so a lot of the trees will be available for reuse as part of the mulch by February.