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Residental Trash and Recycling Collection

Trash and recyclable collections within the Town of Groton is a complicated issue. 
To help you determine how your trash is handled where you live in Groton.  You will need to know what Fire District you reside in. If you don’t know this, it can be obtained from your property card that is on our websites’ GIS mapping system.  You can access the Town of Groton GIS mapping system by visiting:

Once you have determined your Fire District, see the guidance below.  Each fire district may offer to collect more than the State mandated items.  Contact them directly for details on their waste removal and recyclable collection programs.

If you live in:


Responsible Agent:

Mystic Fire District

(860) 536-7559

Fire District Office

Groton Long Point Fire District

(860) 536-4736

Groton Long Point Association

Noank Fire District

(860) 536-7366

Fire District Office

Mumford Cove Fire District

(860) 536-3733

Mumford Cove Association

City of Groton Fire District

(860) 446-4127

City of Groton

Navy Housing

(860) 446-5913, or
(860) 446-5934

Balfour Beatty (property managers)

Center Groton Fire District Poquonnock Bridge Fire District West Pleasant Valley Fire District Old Mystic Fire District

You will have to hire a private collection service. Look in the Yellow Pages under Garbage or Rubbish Collection, or check with a neighbor. Your service must collect, at a minimum, the CT DEEP mandated recyclable items.