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Beth El Cemetery
Cemetery #: 14 | PIN #: 168910469673 | Status: in use | Lot Size: 4.2 acres
Address: Lestertown Rd., South side

Directions: From Route 12 North, turn left onto Walker Hill Road and then right onto Pleasant Valley Road South. Turn left onto Lestertown Road. Cemetery is on left after Russ Sims Heights.
Caretaker: Beth El congregation (Robert Schwartz)
Number of Markers : 250
Earliest: 1937
Family Names : None are dominant
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Most are family plots with large family stone and individual footstones. Many Star of David and flowers are carved into markers. Hebrew inscriptions carved into footstones.
Design Elements: Very axial; central axis of trees perpendicular to Lestertown. In older section, plots are perpendicular to driveway. In newer section, plots are parallel to driveway.
Enclosure: Finished stone wall around original cemetery. Chain link fence around newer section. Iron entrance gates.
Ground Conditions: Good; very well maintained grass and trees. Main driveway in new section needs repaving.
Stone Conditions: Excellent; all markers appear to be in "new" condition
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) A different fence in newer section would keep housing scenery out of cemetery and make new section more serene. 2) Main driveway in new section needs to be repaved or replaced with concrete similar to older section.
Date: 6/5/1996
Description: Beth El Cemetery is "young" (1934) compared to other cemeteries in town and has excellent design elements in its layout. It was expanded recently after receiving site plan approval from the Town in November 1992. An axial driveway extends through the original section out to the expansion with three large trees spaced along it. In the original section, large family markers and individual footstones run perpendicular to the driveway, with smaller single markers around the edge near the stone walls. An opening in the stone wall leads to the expansion, where the large family markers and individual footstones are parallel to the driveway. Symbols on the markers often relate to family names or are religous symbols with Hebrew inscriptions.

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