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Bill Cemetery
Cemetery #: 32 | PIN #: 168918410131 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: Part of a larger lot
Address: Monument Street, directly behind Bill Memorial Library

Directions: At light on Meridian Street and Mitchell Street, go strait across. At stop sign, turn left onto Monument Street. Follow Monument Street to Library and park behind Library in lot or on street.
Caretaker: Bill Memorial Library
Number of Markers : 4
Earliest: 1894
Family Names : Bill
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Large red marble family marker with footstone for each grave
Design Elements: 5 large randomly spaced trees throughout the space
Enclosure: Chain link fence
Ground Conditions: Good; grass needs to be cut, but it is early in the season and probably will be soon
Stone Conditions: Excellent
Historical Significance: Bill family plot. Frederic Bill founded library and Julia was first librarian.
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) A sign marking the plot would be helpful, but it is nt necessary. 2) A different fence or no fence at all would add to the cemetery.
Date: 5/22/1996
Description: Frederick Bill founded, built and endowed the Bill Memorial Library, behind which he is buried in a family plot. His first wife, Lucy F. Denison, and his second wife, Julia O. Avery, who was also the first librarian, are buried there as well. According to some stories, elsewhere on the library's grounds is the pet cemetery for the Bill family's animal friends. While visiting, be sure to leave some time to stop over at Fort Griswold, the library's next door neighbor.

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