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Binks Cemetery
Cemetery #: 30 | PIN #: 169911558390 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: Part of larger lot
Address: Route 117

Directions: From Route 1, turn onto Route 117. Follow past I-95 interchange. Cemetery is on left, on Groton Utilities Property, almost directly across from Paulson Road.
Caretaker: City Utilities, Groton (Ed Herrick)
Number of Markers : 3
Earliest: 1817
Family Names : Binks
Symbols/Unusual Stones: None
Design Elements: Markers are all facing road
Enclosure: Chain link surrounds Groton Utilities property. Cemetery is open space on other side of fence
Ground Conditions: Excellent
Stone Conditions: Excellent
Historical Significance: According to one cemetery list, Binks Cemetery is a Black and Indian cemetery. (A Binks marker in Starr cemetery is a descendent of Narragansett Indians)
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) Erect a sign marking cemetery and significance
Date: 7/10/1996
Description: A chain link fence separates Binks Cemetery from Route 117, and from any visitors because the cemetery is on Groton Utilities property. According to sources, the Binks family was of African and/or Native American descent, which is supported by the Binks marker in Starr cemetery which states that the interred was of Naragansett Indian descent. Binks Cemetery's setting is peaceful, despite the chain link fence and its location adjacent to a busy road.

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