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Chipman-Fish Cemetery
Cemetery #: 15 | PIN #: 260814444353 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: 0.07 acres
Address: Brook Street, west side

Old Name: Fish #2
Directions: From Route 215 (Groton Long Point Road), turn right at first entrance to Brook Street (Old Brook Street). Cemetery is on right.
Caretaker: Town of Groton
Number of Markers : 20
Earliest: 1813
Family Names : Chipman, Fish, Brown, Latham
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Chipman monument: gate to heaven. Tassels on Lydia M. Fish and Anthony Fish and Sarah W. Latham. "Stout" obelisk with geometric detailing for Brown monument.
Design Elements: Markers are in strait lines perpendicular to road except for markers leaning against a tree.
Enclosure: Stone walls on three sides. Open to road: iron fence used to be there but has disappeared.
Ground Conditions: Good; grass is 1 foot high and needs to be mowed. OK other than that.
Stone Conditions: Decent; vandalism seems to be a problem. Many are knocked over. A few are leaning. A few are leaning against a tree in the corner and are the only markers difficult to read. All others are in decent condition except for being on the ground.
Hazards: vandalism
Recommendations: 1) Reset all markers. 2) Put up a fence along street - preferably iron like the original. 3) Erect marker with name of cemetery and history.
Date: 6/5/1996
Description: This small cemetery appears to be a victim of vandalism, for the majority of markers are on the ground with no sign of unsettled ground around them. The Chipman monument has an interesting "gate to heaven" carving on it and a number of markers have interesting inscriptions. There are also stones which are leaning against a tree in a corner which are in poor condition. Unfortunately, the iron fence which used to run along the street fell and was removed long ago.

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