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Cushman Cemetery
Cemetery #: 26 | PIN #: 271013139195 | Status: Abandoned | Lot Size: Part of a larger lot
Address: Packer Road, next to #306

Directions: From Route 1 in Mystic, turn onto Allyn Street (name changes to Cow Hill Road). Turn right onto Packer Road. Cemetery is on left, on top of hill next to house #306. Difficult to find because of overgrowth and missing markers.
Caretaker: None
Number of Markers : 2
Earliest: 1859
Family Names : Cushman
Symbols/Unusual Stones: None were visible. Rustic footstones (probably more markers at an earlier time).
Design Elements: None were visible
Enclosure: Stone walls, logs on the ground
Ground Conditions: Poor; trees and brush are overgrown, making it difficult to find any markers at all.
Stone Conditions: Poor; most have been stolen or vandalized. One is broken into pieces, the other is sinking.
Hazards: Vandalism has already been a hazard.
Recommendations: 1) Document what is left. 2) Set up general guidelines for all cemeteries so this doesn't happen again.
Date: 7/17/1996
Description: Cushman cemetery is a sad commentary on what can ahppen to a cemetery when it is abandoned for too long. Heavily overgrown with trees and other brush, the cemetery is out of sight for many, making it an easy target for vandals. Sometime this year, the cametery lost most of its markers except for one sinking marker, and one which is broken and lying on the ground. A few rustic footstones have been spared, probably beacuse they were thought to be nothing more than a stone pushing up out of the ground. Cushman Cemetery is an example from which to learn.

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