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Daniel Burrows Burial Plot
Cemetery #: 17 | PIN #: 261918218456 | Status: In use | Lot Size: 0.21 acres
Address: Edgecomb Street, Mystic

Old Name: Burrows (7)
Directions: Follow Route 1 past Allyn Street turn. Turn left onto Elm Street and follow to end. Turn right onto Burrows Street and then left onto Edgecombe Street. Cemetery is on left before turn in road.
Caretaker: Neighbors or family members
Number of Markers : 30
Earliest: 1821
Family Names : Burrows, Lamb
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Willow and urn, arches, flowers. Modern marker with urns on either side.
Design Elements: Markers in straight lines, both facing and facing away from the road. Oak trees flank entrance gate. Other randomly placed trees within cemetery.
Enclosure: Stone walls on all sides. Iron entrance gate.
Ground Conditions: Good to excellent; grass needed to be cut on day visited.
Stone Conditions: Most are good; bad patch work on Captain Daniel Burrows' wife's marker. Lichen growth makes some difficult to read.
Historical Significance: Members of the Burrows family are buried here, including 2 sea captains: Daniel Burrows and Silas Burrows
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) Gently clean markers to remove lichen.
Date: 6/17/1996
Description: Captian Daniel Burrows and Captain Silas Burrows are buried here along with other family members and descendants of the large Burrows Family of Mystic. This cemetery stretches up a hill with oldest markers near the top of the hill. Steps have recently been added to make access to this cemetery easier for visitors. However, the concrete used does nothing to add to the character of this small cemetery.

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