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Knowles Cemetery
Cemetery #: 19 | PIN #: 169905272704 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: 0.46 acres
Address: Northeast corner of Route 184 and Toll Gate Road

Directions: From Route 184 turn onto Toll Gate Road. Immediately turn right and pull into the unpaved driveway which is blocked by boulders (there is enough room to park safely). Walk down blocked off path to get to entrance op ening for cemetery
Caretaker: Town of Groton
Number of Markers : 25
Earliest: 1838
Family Names : Lamb, Daboll, Sterry, Knowles, Perkins
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Eliza Jane Church: closed hand with index finger pointing up toward heaven. Willow and urn for Mrs. Sarah Daboll's marker. Knowles: obelisk. Granite ties for a family plot which was never finished, or the markers have disappeared.
Design Elements: Markers are in straight lines. No other design elements.
Enclosure: Rustic stone walls with overgrowth on three sides. Overgrowth only on fourth. Cut opening in growth for entrance (correct entrance?)
Ground Conditions: Good; grass needs to be mowed, but good maintainance otherwise.
Stone Conditions:
Hazards: Overgrowth may/has made this cemetery a target for vandalism
Recommendations: 1) Gentle cleaning of markers with lichen cover. 2) Reset leaning markers. 3) Create a better entrance closer to beginning of driveway or mark current entrance. 4) Erect a sign to mark cemetery.
Date: 6/5/1996
Description: The overgrowth of trees and vines on three sides of the cemetery create its tranquil setting, and also make it difficult to find. The Eliza Jane Church marker is perhaps the most interesting in the cemetery, with a hand pointing upward with its index finger as if pointing toward the heavens. A minor lichen problems exists on a few markers, and vandalism unfortunately appears to be the culprit of a few fallen and broken markers.

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