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Lower Mystic Cemetery
Cemetery #: 20 | PIN #: 260920709539 | Status: In use | Lot Size: 1.88 acres
Address: Route 1, Mystic

Directions: From Allyn Street, turn left onto Route 1 south. Cemetery is on right, down the hill from the Mystic Ice House.
Caretaker: Lower Mystic Cemetery Associaion, Barry V. Connell, president
Number of Markers : 250
Earliest: 1783
Family Names : Fish, Morgan, Merritt, Gallup, Rathbun, Latham, Eldredge and many others
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Willow and urn, station in life, open Bibles, architectural elements. A number of obelisks and monuments. Mausoleum
Design Elements: Family plots set off by granite ties or iron fencing. Grass paths between plots. Randomly placed trees.
Enclosure: Rustic stone walls and trees. Finisj=hed stone retaining wall along road.
Ground Conditions: Good; grass was 3 inches high, but was mowed sedcond time cemetery was visited.
Stone Conditions: Decent to good; some older markers have fallen and broken, a few are sinking into ground, lichens are growing on a few.
Historical Significance: Many sea captains and sailors are buried here.
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) Gently clean and reset markers. 2) Create a map locating markers and family plots
Date: 6/12/1996
Description: Also known as Fishtown Cemetery (as this area of Mystic was previously called,) Lower Mystic Cemetery is a designed cemetery, with many Mystic sea captains buried there. Large rectangles are arranged throughout the cemetery, which are broken up into smaller plots. The lower Mystic Cemetery Association has an original map of the cemetery and are in the process of creating a database listing those buried there. Many interesting markers and monuments exist in thiis cemetery.

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