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Niles Cemetery
Cemetery #: 28 | PIN #: 270019603570 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: Part of larger lot
Address: Noank Ledyard Road, on Whittle's Farm

Directions: From Flanders Road, turn right onto Noank-Ledyard Road. Whittle's is on left. Park in front of farm stand. Follow path just beyond stand. Cemetery is on left just before apple orchard. When visited, it was difficult to see markers because of ove
Caretaker: Volunteer Group
Number of Markers : 10
Earliest: 1768
Family Names : Avery
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Face of Death and Willow and Urn
Design Elements: Markers are in straight lines
Enclosure: Stone wall
Ground Conditions: Extremely poor; cemetery is completely overgrown with vines which are 3-4 feet high. Nearly impossible to see markers and to get to them.
Stone Conditions: As far as could be seen, good for now.
Historical Significance: Excellent examples of carvings and one of the only death head carvings found in Groton
Hazards: Overgrowth
Recommendations: 1) Cut back growth and maintain the cemetery. 2) Document the markers in case the cemetery falls into lack of care in the future.
Date: 6/24/1996
Description: Located near the apple orchards on Whittle's Farm, Niles cemtery is difficult to find because it is severely overgrown. A local volunteer group is taking care of the cemetery's maintainence, however it appears that they have not done so yet this year. Hopefully, they will find the time to complete their hard work beacuse there are beautifully carved markers in this small cemetery, including one of the few death's heads markers in Groton.

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