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Noank Valley Cemetery
Cemetery #: 21 | PIN #: 260820811067 | Status: In use | Lot Size: 5.42 acres
Address: Elm Street (Route 215), Noank

Old Name: Valley Cemetery
Directions: Follow Route 1 up Fort Hill Road and bear right onto Groton Long Point Road (Route 215) near top of hill. Turn left onto Brook Street and follow straight down hill. At stop sign, turn right onto Elm Street (Route 215) and follow to cemetery.
Caretaker: Noank Valley Cemetery Association, David Blacker, president
Number of Markers : 450
Earliest: 1794
Family Names : Fitch, Rathbun, Packer, Palmer, Fish, Latham, Chipman and many others
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Flowers, open Bibles, willow and urn, animals (cats and doves), chain links, scrolls and flowers. Many obelisks and monuments. Marker made of small cobbles. Masoleum.
Design Elements: Grass/dirt path. Very scattered organization; not many family plots or organization by age of markers. Trees flank entrance; an oak and a juniper(?). Side entrance also. Iron gate gone.
Enclosure: Stone wall, shrubs on three sides. Nothing along main entrance (iron fence used to be there).
Ground Conditions: Excellent; trees and grass are well kept.
Stone Conditions: Good to excellent; some have lichen problems, a few need to be reset. Some have been patched (not very well).
Historical Significance: Many sea captains buried. Many Noank families also.
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) Put up a gate along Elm Street. 2) Erect a sign with name and significance of cemetery. 3) Reset and clean gently the markers with problems. 4) Create a map locating significant markers/monuments
Date: 6/19/1996
Description: Old markers and new ones intermingle, making it an exciting place for hunting for interesting markers. Many of the Noank captains and native families are buried here, making it rich for Noank history. A large variety of carving types are found in this cemetery, including one unique marker which has small cobbles making up its surface. Some of the markers pre-date the 1839 opening of the cemetery, such as some of the Spicer family's markers. They appear to be some of the oldest in the cemetery.

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