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North Burrows Cemetery
Cemetery #: 22 | PIN #: 260806288258 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: 0.06 acres
Address: Route 1, Fort Hill

Old Name: Old Town Burying Grounds or Old Town Hill Cemetery
Directions: Follow Route 1 up Fort Hill. Cemetery is on right, just past water tower.
Caretaker: Town of Groton
Number of Markers : 11
Earliest: 1773
Family Names : Burrows, Avery
Symbols/Unusual Stones: 6 tabletops; all with long inscriptions (which are difficult to read). 5 willow and urn motifs, some with interesting inscriptions.
Design Elements: Markers in rows facing road. 2 large trees, randomly placed
Enclosure: Finished stone wall on all four sides; looks like house foundation from street. Steps to enter from street and once inside cemetery
Ground Conditions: Decent; severely overgrown grass (2 feet high in some places). However, later in summer grass was mowed.
Stone Conditions: Decent to poor; lichen problems on some. Table tops are dirty (something growing on them?) and difficult to read.
Historical Significance: Old Town Cemetery is old name for cemetery. Groton Town Hall used to be located next to it
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) Maintain grass more frequently in cemetery. 2) Gently clean markers to remove lichen and dirt. 3) Erect a sign to mark cemetery.
Date: 6/12/1996
Description: From the road, North Burrows Cemetery looks like a house foundation because of the high stone wall which surrounds it. Inside the wall are 11 markers: 6 tabletops and 5 standard markers. Unfortunately, the tabletops cannot easily be read because they are covered with dark lichen, but the inscriptions on the other markers are readable and interesting. The Old Town Hall used to be on top of Fort Hill next to this cemetery, and there are stories that hitching spots can still be seen on the exterior of the south wall of the cemetery.

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