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Odd Fellows Cemetery
Cemetery #: 29 | PIN #: 168906278786 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: Part of larger lot
Address: Fairview Fellowship Manor, Lestertown Road

Directions: From Route 12 North, turn left onto Walker Hill Road and then right onto Pleasant Valley Road South. Turn left onto Lestertown Road and follow up hill to Fairview Fellowship Manor. Cemetery is in a tree grove beyond flagpoles.
Number of Markers : 40
Earliest: 1902
Family Names : No dominant family names
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Mostly flat markers with names and dates. Two larger granite markers. One black marble marker (fallen over)
Design Elements: In a pine grove of large trees which create shade. A few stone benches. Beautiful view of river from Manor.
Enclosure: No enclosure - in open space except for trees
Ground Conditions: Decent; grass is 3 inches high be cemetery but all other is cut. Lots of pine needles on the ground.
Stone Conditions: Good; pine needles cover all markers and grass is beginning to grow over the edges of the markers.
Historical Significance: Cemetery for members of the International Order of Odd Fellows who choose to be buried there.
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) Clear needles and overgrown grass from markers.
Date: 5/22/1996
Description: A grove of trees surrounds this cemtery, creating a serene pocket in a field of grass. Members of the International Order of Odd Fellows were buried here in the first half of the century, but it appears that the cemetery is no longer in use. A beautiful view of the Thames River is available from the Fairview Fellowship Manor's perch on top of the river bank.

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