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Packer Cemetery 1
Cemetery #: 9 | PIN #: 261917005451 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: 0.85 acres
Address: Route 1, Mystic

Old Name: Packer-Burrows
Directions: From Allyn Street, turn onto Route 1 South. Cemetery is just before Mystic Ice House. Park at Ice House
Caretaker: Town of Groton
Number of Markers : 150
Earliest: 1722
Family Names : Packer, Eldredge, Burrows, Tift, Sawyer, Latham, Marston, Niles, Wrightman, Fish, Morgan
Symbols/Unusual Stones: A variety of types of soul effigies and willow and urn motifs.
Design Elements: Markers are in rows perpendicular to road. Lots of trees. A tree surrounded family plot (trees are overgrown now)
Enclosure: Rustic stone wall with iron entrance gate.
Ground Conditions: Good; grass is well maintained, but many trees are overgrown and block some markers.
Stone Conditions: Most are in good condition. Some old sandstone markers are badly flaked and have little or no carving left. Some are leaning, stacked or broken.
Historical Significance: Sea captains and their families. Notably: Captain Daniel Packer
Hazards: None other than the trees
Recommendations: 1) Reset, mend markers. 2) Cut back trees. 3) Create a cemetery association. 4) Document markers which are in poor condition. 5) Sign marking cemetery and significance. 6) Map locating family plots and significant markers
Date: 6/12/1996
Description: Despite its location along busy Route 1, Packer Cemetery is quiet because of the pine trees scattered throughout the cemetery. Many members of the Packer family are buried here including Captain Daniel Packer. The markers have interesting inscriptions and a variety of carving designs on them. Some sections of the cemetery are overgrown, and trees may overtake the stones if they are not cut back, such as the family plot which used junipers in place of an iron fence to mark its lot boundaries.

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