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Palmer Cemetery
Cemetery #: 23 | PIN #: 260815535186 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: .23 acres
Address: At north end of Brookview Court, beyond housing subdivision

Directions: Follow Route 1 up Fort Hill and turn onto Groton Long Point Road (Route 215.) Turn right at second entrance to Brook Street. Turn right onto Brookview Court and park at end of cul de sac. Walk up dirt path to cemetary entrance.
Caretaker: Town of Groton
Number of Markers : 25
Earliest: 1768
Family Names : Palmer, Brown, West, Franklin, Chipman, Mason
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Death head
Design Elements: Markers are in straight lines all facing same direction
Enclosure: Rustic stone wall on all sides
Ground Conditions: Good: needs mowing
Stone Conditions: Decent to poor: most either need to be reset or cleaned. Some are badley flaked and cannot be read anymore.
Historical Significance: Cousins of the Stonington Palmer family are buried here
Hazards: New development all around cemetary could be a hazard
Recommendations: 1) Cut grass 2) Reset and gently clean markers 3) Erect sign with name and stating history/importance of cemetary 4) make sure cemetray is protected
Date: 6/24/1996
Description: Completely landlocked, Palmer Cemtery can be reached by walking up past houses on Brookview Court. The Brookview subdivision poses threats to the cemetery simply by being so close to it. Already, damage may have done by workers entering the cemetery to conduct survey work and not being careful with the markers. A few sandstone markers with willow and urn symbols can be seen here. However, they are badly flaking and are difficult to read.

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