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Park Cemetery
Cemetery #: 6 | PIN #: 271017102683 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: .25 acres
Address: Behind water tower, off Lamphere Drive and Nantucket Drive

Old Name: Parkes #1
Directions: From Route 1 , turn onto Allyn St (later Cow Hill Rd.) Turn left at light at top of hill onto Lamphere. Turn right onto Nantucket. Turn right into driveway leading to playground and tower, down a hill, then take right path to up hill to cemetery.
Caretaker: Town of Groton
Number of Markers : 10
Earliest: 1843
Family Names : Park, Avery, Curry
Symbols/Unusual Stones: None, really. Interesting inscriptions on a few.
Design Elements: Markers are clustered and in straight lines facing Nantucket Drive.
Enclosure: Chain link fence on two sides. Trees on the other
Ground Conditions: Good: pine needles and branches on groun dneed to be removed
Stone Conditions: Decent to poor: most have fallen or broken and are very dirty
Hazards: Vadalism could be a problem
Recommendations: 1) Reset and clean markers 2) Remove pine needles and branches
Date: 7/17/1996
Description: Located behind a water tower, Park Cemetery must be reached by paths from a driveway off Nantucket Drive. The cematery is surrounded by trees, which drop a large number of pine needles into the cemetery. The markers are simple, without symbols carved on them and all are Parks family members. Unfortunately, Park Cemetery #2 has disappeared and become a backyard.

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