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Perkins Cemetery
Cemetery #: 25 | PIN #: 178015547156 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: Part of larger lot
Address: Off Ohio Avenue and Florida Avenue

Directions: From Route 12 North, turn right onto Gungywamp Rd and then left onto Pleasant Valley Rd North. At stop sign, turn right onto Ohio Ave. and follow up hill. Turn right on Florida Ave. Walk along chainlink fence and under tree cover to find cemetery.
Caretaker: Family members
Number of Markers : 2
Earliest: 1849
Family Names : Perkins
Symbols/Unusual Stones: None
Design Elements: None
Enclosure: Chain link fence
Ground Conditions: Poor: very shady from trees and heavily overgrown with vines
Stone Conditions: Decent to poor: markers are leaning or fallen. Stone itself is in decent condition.
Hazards: Overgrowth could damage markers futher
Recommendations: 1) Document cemetray in present condition. 20 Decide whether to maintain or to let further fall into ruin.
Date: 7/10/1996
Description: Perkins Cemetery is one of the more difficult cemeteries to find because it is hidden by trees. Walking along a chain link fence will lead you to the cemetery, which is in poor condition. It is a family plot, with only two markers, only one of which is still standing. The family has decided to let nature guide the care of the cemetery, but it is protected from potential vandals by a closed chain link fence and gate.

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