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Potter's Field
Cemetery #: 34 | PIN #: 260809251571 | Status: In Use | Lot Size: Part of larger lot
Address: Between Fitch Senior High School and St. Mary's Church

Directions: From Route 215 (Groton Long Point Road) turn right into Fitch Senior High School driveway. Cemetery is on right before parking lot. Sign is visible from driveway.
Caretaker: Town of Groton
Number of Markers : 50
Earliest: 1910
Family Names : No predominant family
Symbols/Unusual Stones: All markers are small footstones with numbers. Numbers correspond to list on sign which gives names and dates. 2 are different: a black marble stone was added next to one marker. In the far corner is a single grave with traditional modern markers.
Design Elements: Numbered markers form two stright lines: 1-26 adn 25-46, 50, 52, 48
Enclosure: Stone wall on two sides and brush along third side. Small opening for entrance
Ground Conditions: Good: grass needs to be mowed and replanted in some areas where it has disappeared.
Stone Conditions: Markers are in good condition, however, some are sinking.
Historical Significance: Cemetery is for people who lived in Spicer Home, which was the poor house for Grotonearlier in the century.
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) Replant grass where needed. 2) Mow grass. 3) Reset sinking markers. 4) Add names for marker numbers 50, 52, and 58
Date: 6/5/1996
Description: A cemetery for those living in the former Spicer Home, which was Groton's poor house, is located on the Fitch Senior High School grounds and is marked by a sign. All markers are the same small numbered footstones, which are catalogued on the sign, stating name and date of death of each person. There are two markers which are different, one a black marble marker and the other, a separate grave added last year.

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