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Saint Patrick Cemetery
Cemetery #: 24 | PIN #: 271019527112 | Status: In use | Lot Size: 4.72 acres
Address: River Road

Directions: From Allyn Street, turn onto Cow Hill Road. Turn left onto Bindloss Road. At stop sign, turn left onto River Road and fol.lowto cemetery.
Caretaker: Saint Patrick Church congregation
Number of Markers : 250
Earliest: 1860
Family Names : None are dominant
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Interesting modern markers and monumnets. Clasped hands, Statues of religious figures.
Design Elements: Tree lined central driveway. Sparse tree screen along road. Trees placed along paths, and randomly also. Reproductions of Pieta flanked by benches, Altar, Benches by river for meditation.
Enclosure: Cobblestone wall along River Road. Trees and chain link fence. River on east. Two entrances from River Road.
Ground Conditions: Excellent, driveway could use repaving or repair.
Stone Conditions: Excellent: no signs of deterioration on markers.
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) Erect a sign for the cemetery 2) Fix potholes in driveway.
Date: 6/19/1996
Description: This beautifully designed cemetery is situated along the Mystic River. Paved driveways meander through the cemetery in large loops. Religious statues are scattered throughout the cemetery with paths leading to them. Its perch along the Mystic River adds to the serene and tranquil feel of the cemetery, and benches are placed along the river for further contemplation. All markers are mordern in their design, and there are a number of vaults and mausoleums located throughout the cemetery.

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