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Silas Burrows Cemetery
Cemetery #: 31 | PIN #: 261914238703 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: .21 acres
Address: Off High Street in Mystic, in mobile home park

Old Name: Burrows (17)
Directions: From Allyn Street heading north, turn right onto Sandy Hollow Road. At stop sign, turn right onto High Street. Turn into Mystic Mobile Home Park and follow driveway to the left. Cemetery is on left and is visible from driveway.
Caretaker: Town of Groton
Number of Markers : 15
Earliest: 1843
Family Names : Burrows, Whelan, Sawyer, Leeds, Rathbun
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Willow and urn. Long and very interesting inscriptions: Ambrose Burrows
Design Elements: Markers are all perpendicular to driveway and face away from High Street
Enclosure: Stone wall on all four sides. Original entrance is overgrown
Ground Conditions: Good: grass is well maintained
Stone Conditions: Decent: many are knocked over (vandalism?) and a few are broken. A few need cleaning, also.
Historical Significance: Sea captains and members of the burrows family are buried here. Some captains, sailors lost at sea.
Hazards: None except for vandalism. The cemetery has suvived to date, despite proximity to mobile home park.
Recommendations: 1) reset markers 2) sign stating significance of cemetery.
Date: 6/12/1996
Description: Because of previous bouts with vandals, Silas Burrows Cemetery is missing many of its stone markers. The ones which are left tell interesting stories of the sailors and sea captains who died on sea voyages. It also appears that the original entrance to tht cemetery is overgrown because the current entrance is toppled-over stones in a stone wall through a trailer park. There are a few willow and urn carvings here, along with station-in-life carvings which have the elaborately detailed inscriptions on them.

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