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South Burrows Cemetery
Cemetery #: 11 | PIN #: 260806278659 | Status: In ocassional use | Lot Size: .13 acres
Address: Route 1, top of Fort Hill

Old Name: Benjamin Burrows
Directions: Follow Route 1 up Fort Hill. South Burrows Cemetery is on right.
Caretaker: Family members (D. Belton A. Burrows)
Number of Markers : 30
Earliest: 1822
Family Names : Burrows, Gallup. Allen, Colby (all somehow related to the Burrows family.)
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Large family marker for Gallup family. Intricate carving on Burrows marker.
Design Elements: All markers are in straight lines parallel to road. A single flowering bush near the center of the cemetery which blocks a marker as it is overgrown.
Enclosure: Finished stone wall on three sides and iron fence on street side with entrance gate.
Ground Conditions: Good: grass is high, but is cut regularly. Bush is overgrown (is there a reason for the overgrowth?)
Stone Conditions: Good: decent repair for Alice C. Interesting preservation philosophy: replica of stones which have broken have been made and the broken stones are left leaning along the back wall of the cemetery.
Historical Significance: none
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) A sign marking the cemetery is a good idea. 2) Is there a significance for flowering bush's overgrowth? If not, it should be cut back so it desn't block marker.
Date: 6/12/1996
Description: Both the markers and the grounds of South Burrows Cemetery are beatifully maintained, including the wonderful iron fence which runs along Route 1. The cemetery caretaker's preservation philosophy for older markers is interesting: when a marker breaks, it is left along the back wall, and a replica replacement marker is put in its place. The old markers should probably be put into storage somehwere in order to preserve them better, but seeing them along the wall is interesting.

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