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Starr Burying Grounds
Cemetery #: 7 | PIN #: 168911571139 | Status: In Use | Lot Size: 10.56 acres
Address: Pleasant Valley Road South, west side

Directions: From Route 12 North, turn left onto Walker Hill Road. Then, turn right onto Pleasnat Valley Road South and follow .3 miles. Cemetery is on left.
Caretaker: Starr Cemetery Association (William Gregory)
Number of Markers : 600
Earliest: 1750
Family Names : Buddington, Perkins, Starr, Binks many others
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Many with soul effigies and willow and urn motifs. A few table top markers.
Design Elements: Cemetery is on a hill with dogwood trees marching up the hill along the driveway. Trees scattered throughout the cemetery.
Enclosure: Stone wall on three sides. Chain link fence along Lestertown Road.
Ground Conditions: Good: grass could be shorter near maarkers, but work is probably not over for the day yet.
Stone Conditions: Most in good condition. some older markers have fallen and broken. A few have been reset with granite slabs attached to the backs of them. Preservation philosophy: set fallen markers in concrete representing the original shape of the marker.
Historical Significance: Many old Groton families have plots here. A number of Battle of Groton Heights soldiers are burried here as well.
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) Document and look into preservation of some of the older slate and sandstone markers which are difficult to read. 2) Create a map locating significant family plots and graves. 3) Consult conservator for more sympatheic means of resetting markers
Date: 5/22/1996
Description: This is anonther cemetery within which a concentration of Batttle of Fort Griswold martyrs are buried, along with a concentration of Groton family plots. The markers extend up a hill, with the oldest at the bottom of the hill. Many of the older markers have interesting carvings and inscriptions, with equally interesting modern markers and monuments. The driveway is lined by dogwood trees which create a strong and beautiful design quality for the entry. The cemetery caretakers choose to preserve fallen markers by attaching a similarly-shaped slab behind the old marker or by encasing the marker in concrete. Both solve the problem, but are not terribly sensitive to the original markers.

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