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Wallsworth Cemetery
Cemetery #: 8 | PIN #: 260914423921 | Status: Not in use | Lot Size: 1.34 acres
Address: Flanders Road, Mystic

Old Name: Old Cemetery
Directions: From Route 1, turn onto Flanders Road. Follow .3 miles. Cemetery is on right, in between #344 and #364. Go through stone posts and follow path back to the cemetery.
Caretaker: Town of Groton
Number of Markers : 30
Family Names : Wallsworth
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Only footstones survive.
Design Elements: Hard to tell because of lack of markers
Enclosure: Rustic stone wall on all sides.
Ground Conditions: Excellent: grass is mowed and trees are well maintained.
Stone Conditions: All headstones are gone. Vandalism? Neglect?
Historical Significance: One of the older cemeteries in the town.
Hazards: None now, but it appears vandalism was.
Recommendations: 1) Erect a sign explaining history, vandalism, and listing those who are buried there.
Date: 7/22/1996
Description: Unfortunatly, Wallsworth Cemetery was visited by vandals a few years ago, who left virtually no headstones in the cemetery. Or, perhaps it was just neglect on the part of the Town, the cemetery's caretakers. Nevertheless, all that remains in Old Cemetery are rustic footstones, which still mark the graves whose identities are now lost. A few broken markers still remain on the ground. Entrance to the cemetery is through fence posts and down a path which is overgrown to the right, land which may have been part of the cemetery in the past.

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