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Wells Cemetery
Cemetery #: 2 | PIN #: 271014337813 | Status: In Use | Lot Size: .08 acres
Address: Welles Road

Old Name: Welles
Directions: From Route 184 easterly, turn left onto Welles Road. Cemetery is on right up a small embankment. Park at the old school house just past the cemetery, right up a small embankment. Park at the old school house just past the cemetery.
Caretaker: Family members (Ed Welles)
Number of Markers : 9
Earliest: 1844
Family Names : Wells, Welles
Symbols/Unusual Stones: None are used.
Design Elements: Markers are all in straight lines perpendicular to road. Large planting pots flank steps leading up to cemetery.
Enclosure: Stone wall on three sides.
Ground Conditions: Excellent except for a large low-hanging branch from a tree.
Stone Conditions: Good: one marker has rust on it from a patch job. Lichen is growing on a few.
Hazards: Tree branch could knock marker over.
Recommendations: 1) Erect a new sign for cemtery. 2) Cut branch back
Date: 6/24/1996
Description: This family plot is well maintained and has some elements of design to it. Large planting urns flank concrete steps which bring the visitor up an embankment to the cemetery. A large tree branch hangs perilously over the cemetery, and needs to be cut down because it is in striking range of the markers. There are two spellings of the last name evident on markers in this cemetery, some spelling it Wells, and others Welles.

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