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Wightman Cemetery
Cemetery #: 4 | PIN #: 270015721874 | Status: In use | Lot Size: .98 acres
Address: Cold Spring Road

Old Name: Wrightman
Directions: From Route 184, turn onto Cow Hill Road. Turn left onto Packer Road. When road splits, take left fork onto Godfrey Road. At stop sign, bear right onto Cold Spring Road. Cemetery is on left. Follow dirt path up slight hill to cemetery.
Caretaker: Wightman Cemetery Association (Dan La Capra)
Number of Markers : 100
Earliest: 1747
Family Names : Wightman, Lamb, Denison, Burrows, Lamphere/Landphere, Holdridge, Haley, Colver/Culver, many others
Symbols/Unusual Stones: Soul effigies, willow-and-urn, wolf stone
Design Elements: Markers are in rows but face many directions. Generally grouped by families. Randomly placed trees.
Enclosure: Finished stone wall. Iron entrance gate.
Ground Conditions: Good: grass is 2 feet high in some places.
Stone Conditions: Most are in good condition. Lichen problems on old slate (?) markers. Some are badly flaked.
Historical Significance: Site of first Baptist church in Connecticut. First Baptist minister buried here.
Hazards: None are obvious
Recommendations: 1) Maintain grass. 2) Map cemetery locating markers and significance of those buried there.
Date: 6/26/1996
Description: The first Baptist church in Connecticut was next to the Wightman Cemetery, and the first Baptist minister is buried here. In addition, a wolf stone, perhaps the only one in Groton exists here and is visible from the entrance to the cemetery. Wightman cemetery has an active cemetery association. However, the upkeep seems to have slipped so far this year. A field of rustic footstones lie in between two sections of markers, many of which have soul effigies or willow-and-urn carvings on them.

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