Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

CT Community Connectivity Grant

This project increases pathway connectivity creating safe connections to an existing bike path. One of the desired outcomes of the project is to increase the comfort level for non-motorized users making trips on foot and bicycle. The project will improve conditions for walking and bicycling by providing both on and off road facilities. 

The improved connectivity created by this project meets one of the goals of the department's Strategic Plan, "Increase engagement in physical active recreation and outdoor spaces to foster active healthy lifestyles", through eliminating barriers that prevent people from using various outdoor spaces. 

The investment to improve connectivity in this area will allow us to better serve the neighborhood and the community. 

The project includes solar powered lighting along the bike path through Sutton Park.

Accessibility to Haley Farm and Bluff Point State Parks would also  be improved as the proposed project ties into the Trolley Trail Bike Path that connects to those parks.

View the Community Connectivity Map