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Pay or View Taxes Online

Oldest Obligation

Per Connecticut General Statute Sec. 12-144b, payments must first be applied to the taxpayer’s oldest outstanding obligation (by type of tax – real estate, personal property, or motor vehicle.)

DMV Clearances

Per Connecticut General Statute 14-33, if motor vehicle taxes are unpaid, you will not be able to newly register or renew any vehicle registration with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.  ALL outstanding vehicle taxes associated with your name and/or your registration marker number(s) must be paid in full in order for a release to be issued.

If you are making a payment online and a DMV release is required, payment must be made by debit or credit card.  Payments made by EFT check require a 10-business day hold.

DMV no longer takes paper clearances.  DMV will be electronically notified of your payment.  You should be cleared to register two business days after your payment (i.e., if your payment was made on Monday, you could register on Wednesday).  Please check first whether you have any compliance issues at ct.gov/dmv/online.  Once cleared, you may be able to renew online without the need to visit a DMV office.

Partial Payments

Partial payments can be made online.  Select the bill or bills you wish to pay and add them to the “shopping cart.”  During the checkout process, you will be allowed to change the amount of the payment from the full amount due to the amount you desire to pay.  Once you enter the amount you wish to pay, the service fee will also adjust.  You will have an opportunity to review the payment before proceeding.


You will receive an immediate receipt for your payment; however, due to processing time, it will take two to four business days for your payment to be reflected on the web site.

Pay/View - Taxes and Sewer Use Charges

View and pay real estate, motor vehicle, personal property tax bills, and sewer use charges online through Quality Data Service and Invoice Cloud. This is a fee-based service.

  • The fee for an e-check payment is $1.95 for real estate, personal property and motor vehicle.
  • Tax bill online payment options include MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.  All credit transactions are subject to a 2.99% fee with a minimum charge of $1.00.
  • The credit card fee for sewer use charges is a flat fee and has a maximum payment cap amount.

You can also pay through ACI Payments INC by phone at 1-800-272-9829.  A convenience fee based on the type of transaction and amount of the payment will be charged.  You will need our jurisdiction code of 1709, your billing information, and the amount due in order to complete the transaction

For more information, please look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Paying Motor Vehicle Taxes online DOES NOT automatically clear you with the DMV.
Payments are processed in our office on the next business day.  After processing, payments take a MINIMUM of TWO BUSINESS days to get reported as paid to the Department of Motor Vehicles.


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You may reach us at 860-441-6670, option #4. You may also email your questions to: taxcollector@groton-ct.gov