Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

About Us


Groton is a community where everyone feels welcome and included, and has opportunity to live, work and play in a safe healthy environment.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build up Groton as a happy, healthy, more connected community. We do this by offering affordable, inclusive recreational programming; working with community partners to promote events and bring services to communities of socioeconomic need; and building and maintaining a thriving system of accessible parks, trails and recreational facilities.

Inclusion Statement

Groton Parks and Recreation recognizes the value of including all people as a means of strengthening our community.

The Department:

  • makes all programs, services and activities equally available to children and adults with disabilities.
  • makes special efforts to be welcoming to all citizens.
  • supports efforts to affirm the dignity of all participants.
  • strives to enhance each individual’s potential for full and active participation.
  • provides specialized programs specifically designed for children and adults who need more assistance.
Learn more about the Groton Parks and Recreation department dedication to Inclusion at our ADA page


economicEconomic Development - We bring money into the community by offering recreational programming, park traffic and special events that serve Groton residents and draw visitors.
ConservationConservation- We act as a steward of Groton’s parks, trails and public beaches – conserving natural resources by using best practices to manage open spaces and coastal shorelines.
socialSocial Equity- We work with local partners to engage in outreach, offer services to fill essential community needs, and grow a financial aid program that increases access to programming.
healthHealth and Wellness - We foster health and wellbeing by offering accessible recreation programming, affordable essential services and resources that support active lifestyles.