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Please submit this form 120 days prior to your event. A permit is issued as space allows.

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*Local Youth Sport League Reduced Fee $14/hr for any field *Local AAU Reduced Fee $20/hr for any field

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Rules and Regulations

By submitting this request either signed on an original form or submitted electronically, you and your organization agree to abide by the following rules and those identified in the Athletic Facility Tournament Policy: 1. Group/Organization may be required to submit proof of insurance prior to the issuance of the facility permit. 2. Cancellation/Rescheduling of Permits issued for use of Field/Court Rentals based on first scheduled date of use: Forfeit the 10% Deposit: More than 60 days prior Forfeit the 50% Deposit: 30-59 days prior No Refunds – 29 days or less prior 3. Refund of Fields/Courts due to Inclement Weather: a) The Parks and Recreation Dept. reserves the right to postpone, cancel or delay activity within the Parks. The decision to start or continue a tournament rests solely with the Parks and Recreation Department’s designee. b) Department staff reserves the right to close a facility in the event of inclement weather. c) In the case of inclement weather, Groton Park and Recreation will reschedule the event for another time or facility if available (of equal or lesser value). d) Inclement weather rescheduling must be done within 7 business days AFTER the event. e) Refunds will not be given in the event of inclement weather. f) The responsibility for removing athletes from a practice/game area due to the threat of lightning lies with the Tournament Director. Play will be resumed 30 minutes following the last lightning strike. The last lightning strike will be determined by either the detection system or visual confirmation. The 30 minute time frame will immediately start over with each additional lightning strike. 4. Users are responsible for damage beyond normal wear and tear caused during facility usage. 5. Facilities must be left litter free. Remove any large bulky trash that does not fit into trash receptacle. 6. Parking is allowed in designated areas only. No driving or parking on the grass. 7. Glass containers are prohibited. 8. Amplified sound is prohibited, except with written permission by the Parks and Recreation Department. 9. The commercial use of Town parks is not permitted unless authorized with a permit issued by the Parks and Recreation Dept. 10. Group/Organization or individuals determined to have misused the facilities may be denied further use of Town facilities. An appeal of this decision can be made to the Parks and Recreation Commission at a regularly scheduled meeting. 11. Park hours: 8:30 AM - sunset. 12. Any tents erected must be under 20’ x 30’. See Athletic Facility Tournament Policy for full detail. 13. Fire Marshal's approval is needed if a caterer or vendor will be on the premises using propane tanks. It is the caterer's responsibility to contact the local Fire Marshal. 14. Traffic and Security a) At the discretion of the Police Dept., security personnel may be required at the cost of the Tournament organizers and/or Director. b) No vehicles are allowed on Town of Groton or Groton Board of Education fields or property, other than parking lots, without written permission noted on the use permit issued by Groton Parks and Recreation Department. c) Vehicles may not be driven or parked on turf surfaces, sidewalks, service drives or emergency zones. Only parking lots may be used for loading and unloading. d) Golf carts and/or utility carts are not allowed without prior approval in writing. Drivers must possess a valid driver’s license. e) Overnight RV parking is prohibited. 15. Signage Groton Parks and Recreation may allow the installation of temporary signage during events. Each sign/banner/display must be given approval prior to posting. All signage must be removed following the designated event, and must not alter or damage property. 16. Athletic Fields/Courts Failure to cancel a reservation as noted above for a cancelled event (except due to weather) may result in future denial of use. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on playing fields or team areas. Smoking is prohibited at youth sports events. As a condition of use of park facilities, users agree to indemnify and hold the Town of Groton, its officers and employees harmless from any and all claims arising from the use of park facilities, or from the negligence or carelessness of the Group, its members or agents. The Group/Organization agrees that while using any Groton Parks and Recreation Facility, it will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation or because the employee is a veteran or a qualified individual with a disability. I understand the dates on the approved permit may be modified at any point by the Parks and Recreation Department.