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Shennecossett Women's Golf Association (SWGA)

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SWGA 2024 Season!
Shennecossett Women's Golf Association (SWGA) is an active league of approximately 60 members who play to both enjoy and compete in the game of golf. SWGA is one of the most welcoming and active women's leagues in eastern Connecticut and western Rhode Island.
Shennecossett Women's Golf Association 2024 Calendar 
Tuesday is Ladies Day!
Each week ladies compete in a different fun game. On Tuesdays there is a shotgun tee time for 18-hole players at 8:00 a.m. Those who wish to play only 9 holes begin at 10:00 a.m.
Any member may sign up each week to play either 18 or 9 holes.  Members who work or have a conflict on Tuesdays may choose to compete in the weekly game for either 18 or 9 holes on the weekend before, as long as they play with another league member. These players schedule a weekend tee them on their own.
The season officially begins this year on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. Opening Day is Saturday, May 18, 2024 with a 1 p.m. fun scramble followed by dinner.
There are three membership options available for the 2024 season. Find here the 2024 SWGA Membership application.
SWGA Handbook & Bylaws
Updated annually, the 2024 Shennecossett Women’s Golf Association Handbook provides much operational information about the league including procedures, regulations, and some of the key USGA Rules of Golf. SWGA By-laws govern and set policy for the league organization. By-laws were last updated and approved in 2017.

June is Women's Golf Month!
June is Women's Golf Month and we offer special discounts for women playing at Shennecossett Golf Course. Interested women can also check out Shennecossett Women's Golf Association information (above) to find opportunities to play and socialize with other women and avid golfers.

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