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Big Belly Smart Waste Design Contest

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Opportunity Details
Groton Parks and Recreation is installing Big Belly Solar Powered Trash Compactors at Farquhar, Poquonnock Plains and Deerfield Parks, and at Esker Point Beach this Spring. This is a fantastic opportunity for local artists to contribute to their community while showcasing their talent! Creating designs for the receptacle decals is not only a chance to beautify community spaces but also to promote environmental awareness and conservation efforts. We suggest local artists consider incorporating elements such as marine life, native flora and fauna, or scenes from the parks themselves into their designs. Additionally, emphasizing the importance of recycling and proper waste disposal could further enhance the impact of the artwork. Groton Parks and Recreation invites local artists to submit pieces for consideration, and to enhance the aesthetic of our town and community.

Artists may submit up to three unique designs for consideration. All visual media types are welcome including painting, drawing, collage, photography, and graphic design. There are no fees for submitting work for consideration. There are no specific thematic requirements though artists are encouraged to consider themes that reflect conservation, oceans and parks that reflect the beauty, ingenuity, and diversity of the Groton community. Below, you can find a list of thematic suggestions.
  • All designs should be the original work of the artist.
  • Designs should not include any trademarks, brands, or any sort of advertisements.
  • Design should flow across all faces of the box reflecting a unified work of art.
  • Designs that include large patterns and/or bright, bold colors tend to work best.
  • Artists should send the completed submission form and sketches of the proposed artwork in PNG, PDF or EPS format (not exceeding 20 MB). DropBox links are also acceptable.
  • At this time, only the single bin models will be installed. Dimensions for a full-wrap image on a single bin model are approximately 104” wide by 48” tall. Please set up final artwork at this size at 300 DPI or greater. Keep in mind that there are spaces where artwork will be trimmed and not continuous including around all outer edges.
  • Artwork requires a 2” bleed so be sure important elements are not lost near the edges or behind spaces to be trimmed out of the decals.

Big Belly Smart Waste - DECAL GUIDELINES
Big Belly Smart Waste - THEMATIC SUGGESTIONS. 

Selection Process

This competition is open to artists of all ages residing in New London County, with preference given to Groton residents. Artists may submit up to three unique designs. Proposals will be screened for completeness and readiness for reproduction prior to consideration. Artists will be notified if their submissions meet all requirements. Winners will be selected based upon creativity, craftsmanship, and suitability for display within the Groton Community. Winners will be chosen by a selection committee consisting of members of the Parks and Recreation staff and the Beautification Committee. As many as four designs will be selected for inclusion in the project. 

The deadline for submission is March 29th by 11:59PM
. Artists should submit their work to Clayton Potter, Community Outreach Coordinator, at ClayPotter@groton-ct.gov.  The selected artist(s) will be decided in April and will be notified via email and/or phone.

Artist Stipend
Selected artists will be paid a stipend of $300 for any work or combination of pieces selected for inclusion in this project (if completed by more than one artist the stipend remains $300 and will be shared). Selected artwork will be used at multiple locations throughout the community. Payments will be processed once approved works, ready for reproduction, have been received by the Community Outreach Coordinator and necessary paperwork is filed with the Town. Artists will be invited to sign their work, once the wrap is installed.

Additional Notes

Winning designs will remain on the receptacles for approximately two years. Should damage occur prior to that, the same design may or may not be reinstalled. After two years, should the integrity of the wrap start to fade, damage to the receptacle occur, or a new bin need to be installed, a new design may be added to the bin. Groton Parks and Recreation reserves the right to remove artwork at any time and to use selected designs for promotional purposes. Bins may also include the Groton Parks and Recreation Logo placed into/within the design.
Groton Parks and Recreation is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility across all aspects of identity and perspective. Groton seeks a diverse range of designs, welcoming proposals from artists of every background.

Click here find a PDF of all of the above details.

This project is funded by the CT Nickle-Per-Nip Bottle Program.