Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

What You Can Do

There is a lot you can do to help make Groton a more sustainable and resilient town. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Get involved in a Town resilience and sustainability project or attend meetings of Town groups like the Resilience and Sustainability Task Force and Conservation Commission.
  • Check out the Conservation Commission’s projects website for information on how to calculate your household’s carbon footprint (which is the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by your home).
  • Take advantage of rebates and incentives for energy-efficient products through Eversource and Groton Utilities. Both utility companies offer residential energy audits that can help you learn how to reduce your home’s energy use and have energy-saving tips on their websites.
  • Composting is a great way to reduce your emissions! Groton’s Public Works Department and SCRRRA are selling compost bins for below retail value.
  • Learn about ways you can support native plant habitat and reduce invasive species.
  • Sign the Prudent Power Groton pledge!
  • As FEMA says, “anywhere it rains it can flood.” Learn about flood risks and costs and flood insurance options through the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • There are many websites with tips and recommendations for what individuals can do to combat climate change - UC Davis has a great example.