Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Pending Land Use Applications

This page provides a list of recently approved and currently pending land use applications.
Visit our Greater Groton page to review the latest draft regulation for Short Term Rentals.
If there are any concerns or comments regarding an application, please contact the Planning Department at 860-446-5970.

SIT24-0005, 14 Godfrey Street LLC, 14 Godfrey Street - Approved

SIT24-0006, Fuel Dispensing Station and Convenience Store, 388 Long Hill Road

REGA23-0001, Short Term Rental Zoning Text Amendments - Approved on 04/09/2024, Effective on 05/15/2024

REGA24-0001, Outdoor Recreation Lighting Amendment - Approved

SIT24-0003 & IWA24-0001, Grasso Gardens, 10 Governors Circle - Approved

SIT24-0001 & SPEC24-0001, Multi-Family Conversion, 1028 Poquonock Road - Approved

SIT24-0004 & IWA23-0005 & SPEC24-0002, Tree Trails Adventures, 715 Noank Ledyard Road - Approved

SIT24-0002, USS Groton Sail Monument, 0 Newtown Road - Approved