Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut


Division Name Title Email Phone
Administration Jonathan Reiner Director of Planning & Development Services jreiner@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5980
Planning Deborah Jones Assistant Director of Planning & Development Services djones@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5972
Planning Deborah Schaufler Office Assistant, Planning dschaufler@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5970
Building Inspection Peter Zvingilas Manager of Inspection Services pzvingilas@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5989
Building Inspection Lynda Galetta Building Permit Tech lgaletta@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5982
Building Inspection Tom Zanarini Code Enforcement tzanarini@groton-ct.gov (860)-448-4091
Building Inspection Seumas Quinn Inspector squinn@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5985
Building Inspection Scott Reagan Assistant Building/Zoning Official sreagan@groton-ct.gov (860)-448-4066
Economic Development Paige Bronk Economic & Community Development Manager pbronk@groton-ct.gov (860)-448-4095
Economic Development Lauren Post Economic Development Tech lpost@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5960
Economic Development Sam Eisenbeiser Economic Development Specialist seisenbeiser@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5981
Planning Tabitha Harkin Land Use Planner tharkin@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5990
Administration Debra Gilot Executive Assistant dgilot@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5995
Planning David Prescott Land Use Planner dprescott@groton-ct.gov (860)-448-4088
Economic Development Marchell Magxaka Community Development Planner mmagxaka@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5976
Planning Kevin Fitzgerald ARPA Coordinator kfitzgerald@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5983
Sustainability & Resilience Magan Granato Sustainability & Resilience Manager mgranato@groton-ct.gov (860)-446-5974