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Clean Water Ways Show

GMTV Clean Water Ways promo image Ep 3Clean Water Ways is a government access TV show centered on protecting CT waters by reducing non-point-source stormwater pollution. Produced by Groton Municipal Television in partnership with leading environmental non-profit, Save the Sound -- the effort was initiated by Town employees to support public environmental education. Said Town employee and host, Lauren Post, “Our team aims to inspire residents & small businesses to commit more deeply to caring for our waters. I learned so much already from my involvement and hope others will join us for this journey.” 

Interviews with experts who share widely accessible knowledge are complemented by a more light-hearted "Wat-er You Talking About?" segment along with relevant Public Service Announcements.  The approximately 25 min. show is available for on-demand viewing on GMTV’s YouTube channel (search "Clean Water Ways") and aired via Comcast XFINITY of Groton Channel 2, Breezeline (fka Atlantic Broadband of Groton) Channel 2, and Frontier Vantage TV Channel 6110.

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EPISODE 3 Project Oceanology
(Callie Scheetz, Project O, Director of Curriculum & Instruction),
The Unified Water Study
(Peter Linderoth, Save the Sound Director of Water Quality), plus
Thrive55+ volunteers quiz 
EPISODE 2 Save the Sound Soundkeeper Bill Lucey,  Picking Up After Your Pet featuring Chase the Groton Police Dog & friends   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klGfHED485Q
PREMIERE EPISODE 1 Save The Sound & ALL THINGS WATER with Nicole Davis, Watershed Coordinator, and Groton Youth: Where Does Water Go?   https://youtu.be/Qxr4vsTMwRc?si=kpjw6rzujrua2ESc

For more info about stormwater pollution visit
Save the Sound's "What We Do: Healthy Waters" page, Public Work's Stormwater home page 
or check out this quick comic underline of the point!