Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Streetlight Repair Request

To report a non-street light related problem, please contact the Public Works Department at pworks@groton-ct.gov or 860-448-4083.

As part of the LED streetlight conversion project, streetlight issues in the Eversource Service Area, the green area shown in the map, will be reported to Tanko and repaired by the contractor Red Thread.  Reports of issues with the streetlights in this area should be made using the reporting sheet at https://www.tankolighting.com/grotonmaintenance.

Alternatively, the Tanko trouble desk, 800-509-9358, can be called to report issues.  Light issues reported are scheduled to be repaired in the next work week. When reporting issues as much information should be provided as possible.

However, if you happen to live in the the yellow service area, you would still report street light issues to Groton Utility Service. The Groton Utility contact number is 860-446-4000 or grotonutilities@yurservice.com.