Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

GPF Donates; GSC Gets The Call Hub

Thanks to a generous donation from the Groton Parks Foundation, the Groton Senior Center will be implementing a social connectivity program developed by the Motion Picture Television Fund with funds provided by the Groton Parks Foundation.  MPTF developed a social phone program to empower organizations to play their part in keeping us all connected.  Building upon experience combating social isolation and loneliness in the entertainment community, MPTF has developed an end-to-end solution that enables countless organizations to mobilize meaningful social connections – the bedrock of good health and wellbeing.

The Call Hub facilitates safe, telephonic connections between volunteers and isolated older adults.  No phone numbers are shared, just the phone number for the hub.  This will allow volunteers to contribute to the community from the safety of their own home.  The hub will allow the senior center to track the number of calls to individuals, the length of time for the calls in an effort to meet the needs of isolated older adults.  The goal of this program is to have individuals feel validated and connected to other people with similar interests and values through the utilization of weekly phone calls.