Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Groton Pump Track

Please help Groton Parks & Recreation and Bike Groton bring a new and exciting bike riding activity to Groton and southeast Connecticut.  The Groton Pump Track will be open and rideable for kids and adults.  Pump track riding is so much fun it's contagious!  You push and pull the bike over the mounds (rollers) without pedaling around the track.  It's easy to learn and the sensation of acceleration, up, down, and whipping thru the banked corners (berms) is exhilarating.  To top it off, pump track riding is as easy or as challenging as you make it, but for all riders it's a great full body workout that will leave you smiling!

Bike Groton chose this project because they determined that it is within the fundraising capability of their organization and that it will benefit people of all ages and backgrounds and increase interest and enthusiasm for bicycling in the community.  Pump Tracks tracks are very rare in New England; there is only one other public track in CT that we are aware of - Rockland Bike Park in Madison.  The Groton pump track will open a new experience of bike riding that most residents have never been expose to.  We anticipate high usage from kids and adults that live in the Poquonnock Bridge neighborhood, the larger community, and region. 

The dirt pump track will be open 24/7 from its season opening (typically in late April/early May) until its off-season closure (typically mid-December).  The track will contain traditional features of rollers and berms but also more advanced features like tabletops, double rollers (that can be jumped) and other challenges.  A small skills area on the concrete slab of an adjacent former industrial building is also proposed.  The Groton Parks & Rec. Dept will run programs at the pump track that teach basic and intermediate bike handling skills.  Special events/demonstrations by expert riders are anticipated. 

You can donate to the project at the GoFundMe page.