Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Portraits of Life: Honoring Legacies

Join the Groton Senior Center for the Portraits of Life/Honoring Legacies event on Friday, June 18, 2021, 5PM – 7PM at the Groton Senior Center.  This is a celebration of the culmination of a nearly yearlong project that honors the authentic lives of people living with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s.  This project captures their life stories through photos and biographies. 

Portraits of Life/Honoring Legacies is a unique project.  We want to teach the community about those affected with this disease: Who they are who they were and all that they have accomplished.  These dynamic individuals will be defined not by dementia or Alzheimer’s, but by their Portrait of Life – Their Legacy.  Their struggles and accomplishments will be highlighted; this will show their genuine life.

Come meet the people who will not be defined by a disease.  Meet their families and care partners who share their stories.  Help us to fight the stigma associated with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other related conditions. 

Special thank you to our Community Partners for their support! Especially our Premiere Partner Hartford HealthCare and Dr. Amy Sanders, Cognitive Neurologist and Director of the Hartford HealthCare Memory Care Center. Dr. Sanders will be the event's keynote speaker. 

Reservations are required and space is limited. Contact the Groton Senior Center today at 860-441-6785